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Dr. Josh Alpert

Dr. Alpert's particular specialty is the evaluation and treatment of patients with knee and shoulder pain. When conservative measures can be applied successfully to avoid surgery, Dr. Alpert will recommend an individualized treatment plan that may include physical therapy, cortisone injections, lubricant injections, and/or PRP therapy. If surgery is determined to be necessary, Dr. Alpert commonly performs the following procedures:

  • Knee arthroscopy including treatment of the meniscus, cartilage, and ACL.
  • Shoulder arthroscopy including treatment of the labrum and rotator cuff.
  • Shoulder replacement including total shoulder and reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

Regardless of the treatment plan or surgery, Dr. Alpert’s primary goal is always to return his patients to their regular activities and a pain-free lifestyle as quickly as possible.

In addition to treating patients with sports injuries, Dr. Alpert also commonly sees patients with work-related injuries to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle and foot. He performs Independent Medical Examinations and is certified to perform Impairment Ratings as per the 6th Edition AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

Dr. Alpert is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) and the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine (AOSSM). He currently serves as a team physician for Elgin High School, Larkin High School, Dundee Crown High School, and Judson University.


Dr. Alpert has performed thousands of successful procedures, enabling his patients to reclaim their mobility and live their lives to the fullest.


Recent Patient Reviews

  • Incredibly talented and brilliant. Dr. Alpert has extended my athletic career by repairing both of my ACL's. He is simply an amazing doctor. A top notch professional

    willie z. Avatar
    willie z.

    Dr. Alpert and his staff were amazing, he not only took the time explain what going on with my knee and treat it, his staff then explained the insurance issues that I was having. So very helpful. Thanks a million!!!!

    Cathy O. Avatar
    Cathy O.

    I am so pleased with this practice from making appointments, to the registration desk and the nursing staff. But Dr. Alpert is a superb physician and surgeon. Whether you're suffering from an injury, arthritis or other bone issues, Dr. Alpert address the problem thoroughly and with the utmost professionalism. He also is a really nice person!

    Shari B. Avatar
    Shari B.
  • Dr Alpert Is A Great Doctor! Very Professional, Does A great Job of explaining situations, You couldn't ask for a Better Doctor.

    Theresa O. Avatar
    Theresa O.

    The office is very neat & clean. Everything was great, the staff was very nice & informative. I had no problems or issues it was a great experience. I would definitely return to this office & refer friends & family.

    Stephanie Z. Avatar
    Stephanie Z.

    Made an appointment for Dr. Alpert and got in right away. I had detached my bicep. Dr. Alpert went in and fixed everything that was messed up. It's only been 3 months and I feel like I'm doing better than what I thought I would be. He is a great doctor and listens to what I'm saying. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Sam M. Avatar
    Sam M.
  • Dr. Alpert is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and capable. He was able to put me at ease and take care of my issue offering the least invasive option first.

    Brian M. Avatar
    Brian M.

    Dr. Alpert and the whole team are very friendly and helpful. I've been there many times for my knees, I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

    Darlene A. Avatar
    Darlene A.

    I have been seeing Dr. Alpert for 3 years. He did my shoulder surgery and has been helping me with pain associated with osteoarthritis in both knees. He is very patient knowledgeable and has a great way of explaining treatment.

    Joe Avatar
  • Went to Dr. Alpert for a frozen shoulder and went to physical therapy for 6 weeks and then he recommended an MRI and it showed lots of Arthritis and a slight tear in the Rotator Cuff.

    Healthgrades U. Avatar
    Healthgrades U.

    Dr Alpert has always been friendly, efficient, and thorough. I am impressed with his knowledge and care. And his staff are wonderful too!

    Lynn C. Avatar
    Lynn C.

    Very honest and reassuring. Friendly and easy to work with. I had rotator cuff surgery and he was an excellent doctor.

    Michael H. Avatar
    Michael H.
  • Dr. Alpert and his staff are as professional as can be. I'm fortunate to have him as my orthopedic surgeon.

    Richard Z. Avatar
    Richard Z.

    Dr Alpert evaluated my condition and made appropriate recommendations. He showed genuine concern for my situation and put forth a plan for remedy. His assistant was very helpful as well !

    Milt A. Avatar
    Milt A.

    Dr Alpert is very friendly and professional. He did an excellent job on my reverse total shoulder. I can even throw a ball and paint again?? I had a few problems due to an allergy and he gave me his email address in case I had problems over the weekend. I sent my sister to him too!

    Julia Avatar
  • We would highly recommend Dr. Alpert. Our son had reconstructive knee surgery and has had positive early results. In addition, Dr. Alpert has been thorough in describing where he is at and the next steps in the process, while also being available whenever we have had any questions.

    Healthgrades U. Avatar
    Healthgrades U.

    He is compassionate and ensured that I was seen in a timely manner. He listened to me and has a great bedside manner. When my appointment was over he went out of his way to make sure that if I had any issues or questions that I could contact him by email and he would contact me via phone directly.

    Victoria Avatar

    The entire team and staff very nice, kind, helpful and just trying to feel you as comfortable as it is possible in your pain and problem. Dr. Alpert is very precise in his diagnosis (for me as a man it was good that the message from him was what I needed to know and that's it) and looks like he really knows what he is doing, it made me feel safe and trust him. Very good experience so far.

    Witold A. Avatar
    Witold A.
  • Diagnosis was spot on. Treatment was also just what I needed. The entire team and staff are very professional and nice to work with.

    John B. Avatar
    John B.

    Dr. Alpert performed surgery for a torn rotator cuff 2 years ago. My shoulder feels perfect. The surgery was a huge success.

    Sandee C. Avatar
    Sandee C.

    Dr. Alpert has been my surgen for several years. He did my 3rd rotator cuff surgery, and so far my last, in 2010. It is still holding strong. My occupation is home repair so I am under counters and in attics all the time. I have not had any issues doing my job since the last operation.

    LB Avatar
  • I came in with a really sore shoulder. One cortisone shot given, I felt better almost immediately. Dr. Alpert recommended some physical therapy as well.

    Mary M. Avatar
    Mary M.

    Tore my rotator cuff and biceps tendon. Dr. Alpert performed the surgery. My shoulder feels unbelievable. Better than before. Great surgeon!

    Humberto S. Avatar
    Humberto S.

    Dr. Aplert provided me with all of the information I needed to make an informed decision regarding my injury. He provided me with surgical and non-surgical options. After choosing the surgical option I was 100% satisfied with my outcome.

    Healthgrades U. Avatar
    Healthgrades U.
  • Dr. Alpert was very professional at our first meeting. I think he is really good at what he does. He does take a little bit of time to warm up but I think he is highly competent and his expertise and the surgery he performed on my "frozen" shoulder was fantastic. His staff, especially Joyce and Nikki, are amazing. The whole office is very responsive and they are very invested in making sure clients are taken care of quickly and efficiently. I really appreciated the care I received.

    Sarah R. Avatar
    Sarah R.

    Dr. Alpert was a great orthopedic for our young daughter. He and his staff always answered our many questions and took the time to go over the xrays and next steps with us. We appreciate the time that they took to talk directly to our daughter who had her own worries about her arm. We will refer Dr. Alpert to anyone who needs orthopedic care.

    Healthgrades U. Avatar
    Healthgrades U.

    I like him because he tells like it is .No messing around and he doesn't leave you waiting to see him.

    Healthgrades U. Avatar
    Healthgrades U.
  • Dr. Alpert is the best!! He’s extremely professional and very efficient it’s like nothing I’ve witnessed or seen before. He was an extremely personable guy. Thank you again to you and your staff!!!

    Amazing E. Avatar
    Amazing E.

    I have been a patient of Dr Alpert’s for many years. He and his staff are knowledgeable and pleasant. I highly recommend him.

    Healthgrades U. Avatar
    Healthgrades U.

    Our 16 year old daughter has had both of her knee injuries repaired by Dr. Alpert. She tore her ACL and meniscus in both knees about a year and a half apart. Both repairs were successful and she has recovered very well. Dr. Alpert did a great job and is very knowledgeable when it comes to sports related injuries and the proper recovery needed to enable youth to play their sport again!

    Alison Avatar
  • I found Dr Alpert on line ,i used the referrals from the comments,Him and his staff were fantastic ,i arrived a few minutes early never waited 1 minute past my appointment time, when i was in the office waiting to see the doctor it was minutes before he arrived ,he explained everything very well and answered every question and got me out of there with the treatments i needed .He did a great job would recommend him to anyone.

    Healthgrades U. Avatar
    Healthgrades U.

    Dr. Alpert listened to my concerns when physical therapy prescribed by other doctors just wasn’t working. He was always great at answering questions that my family or I had. Surgery was great and his team made my recovery as easy as possible. Dr. Alpert and his team are incredible and I’m so thankful for everything they did for me.

    Healthgrades U. Avatar
    Healthgrades U.

    Dr. Albert was excellent! The staff were friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Surgery was a huge success, I was back on the golf course within 5 months! nDave- Deerfield IL.

    Healthgrades U. Avatar
    Healthgrades U.


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